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Known as a thought leader, Shara Hutchinson specializes in guiding leaders through change initiatives, developing high-performance teams, and driving strategic growth to ensure long-term success while BAREFOOT.

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Meet Shara

A catalyst for change in the world of personal development, business leadership, and strategic growth.

Shara Hutchinson is the Founder and Chief Change Strategist at Xposeyour, a Transformational Speaker, a Forbes Contributor, and author of Barefoot in the Boardroom: Every Leader's Guide to Navigating Change.


She is a technology-oriented executive and customer success professional with a proven track record of developing and implementing operational strategies that creatively enhance the customer experience while supporting key business initiatives.


Working with Shara, you will...

Strategically  Grow Your Business 

 Gain Clarity on Your Next Best Moves

Build & Leverage Your Team to Get More Done in Less Time

Make Executive Level Decisions & Set Success Metrics

Share Your Story or Expertise in a Book or on Stage

Watch Shara's TEDx Talk on Leading Change that Sticks


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” —John Quincy Adams

Shara is a combination of strategist and personal cheerleader. She has an extraordinary ability to ask thought-provoking questions, helping bring forth a clarity of purpose and passion that is often difficult to see on your own.

(Leadership Strategy)

- Sean

I knew Shara was the one to help me with my outline for my book, and I was right!! She understood exactly what I wanted and needed even more than I did. She is truly amazing. I highly recommend her for any project. She is so talented and quick and honest. I will use her for all my writing needs.

(Book Outline Brainstorm session

- Renata

Shara was amazing to work with. The work she did was phenomenal. She was able to capture the heart of what my speech needed to communicate. Will definitely refer her to colleagues.

(Speech Writing )

- Stacii

Upcoming Book

Are you ready to lead "BAREFOOT"?

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Barefoot in the Boardroom is a practical change management manual for executives that breaks down long-term goals into manageable steps so you can see and measure progress. Purchase one for yourself and all of the leaders in your organization. Purchase wherever books are sold or get your signed copy today! 


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