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Xposeyour, a Certified Predictive Index Partner, was founded with a single mission: To develop leaders and high performing teams by exposing new ideas and inspiring action, resulting in achieved strategic initiatives.

Through a proven talent optimization solution and an integrated technology platform, we empower individuals and organizations to optimize their performance. Our team will help you solve your staffing issues, people challenges, performance management process gaps, and teach your leaders to enhance their hiring process using a science-based approach.


We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies. Let us help you build your dream team, increase your productivity, and engage your employees to deliver on your key initiatives and affect the bottom line! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.



Shara Hutchinson is a Certified Predictive Index Consultant.


With a Dual Master’s Degree in Business and Ministry as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management, Shara is the founder and CEO of Xposeyour. As a former foster youth, and adoptee, Shara started from humble beginnings and rose to contradict her childhood by exposure to new learning experiences and people with good character who she could mirror to produce similar success in her life. She learned to maximize her ordinary talents to achieve extraordinary results. Shara is passionate about duplicating that same experience in others in order to impact individuals and communities.

After enduring a tumultuous journey to pregnancy, Shara published her first book in 2018, entitled “I Still Want to Be a Mom”. She shares the hidden details of her 8-year journey from infertility to motherhood with the hope of inspiring women with similar struggles. Shara is a TEDx speaker and the founder of the I Still Want to Be a Mom Foundation, established to strengthen, support, and encourage women diagnosed with infertility.

Professional Summary

Technology oriented executive and customer success professional with over 17 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of developing and implementing operational strategies and technologies that creatively enhance the total customer experience while supporting key business initiatives. A change agent with extensive experience
delivering value and leveraging customer feedback to ensure long term
relationships which drive retention and expansion of recurring revenue.
Transforms teams from startup phase to enterprise level by scaling processes to match growth and strengthening cohesion inter-departmentally. Passionate about optimizing the customer experience to drive results. Builds high performing customer centric teams by hiring right the first time, developing existing employees, and motivating professionals.



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I am a results-oriented Coach and Consultant who aims to help my clients achieve all of their goals. I have years of experience in the industry and have worked every step of the way. Take a look at my academic and professional milestones. 





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