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The Barefoot Boardroom   (Virtual Masterclass)

Do you have a lot of ideas and a big vision, but you're unsure what to do next? Do you want to increase productivity and exposure to new ideas for creative problem-solving? Are you ready to develop the strategies necessary to get to your next level? If you answered yes to any of those questions, join us in the virtual "Barefoot Boardroom!" 

A lot can happen in one quarter! This 12-week group coaching experience is ONLY for leaders who are ready to get to the next level at the organization they lead, the business they run, or in their personal life. This program is focused on identifying your individual leadership skills and areas for improvement, defining leadership development goals, and taking actionable steps that get you to your goals. You’ll have all the accountability & support you’ll need to get to the next level. ​

The Next Level Leader may be a good fit for you if... 

  • You are a leader who is looking for a "personal board of directors" to bounce ideas off of, process issues with while coming up with creative solutions, and assist with determining the next best move for you or your business. 

  • You are a manager, director, or senior leader who feels like you have plateaued in your career and want to get to the next level in your leadership capacity. 

  • You are an entrepreneur growing your business and want to build a high-performing team and establish repeatable processes. 

  • You are a solopreneur and want accountability partners you can collaborate with to drive solutions to your day-to-day objectives. 

  • You want to unleash the power of your team, increase their productivity, develop processes, and address engagement issues. 

  • You want to access to resources and information to help you create and execute a winning strategy that gets you the desired result. 




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My team and I offer a variety of services including the following:​

  • Speech writing

  • Ghost Writing

  • Book Editing 

  • Book Outlines 

  • Leadership Training

  • Behavioral Assessments 

  • Strategy Sessions

  • And more.... 

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