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Learn more about leadership advisory, keynote mastery, or book completion services below. 

Coaching & Business Leader Advisory Services for Entrepreneurs  
(1:1 and/or Group

Do you have a lot of ideas and a big vision, but you're unsure what to do next? Do you want to increase productivity and exposure to new ideas for creative problem-solving? Are you ready to develop the strategies necessary to get to your next level? If you answered yes to any of those questions, join me in for either 1:1 services or the "Barefoot Boardroom Advisory Group (Pilot)." 

Why take the risk of going it alone when making crucial decisions, particularly in uncertain economic times? It’s time to take ownership of your future, build a strong network, increase your capacity, gain clarity on your next moves, and tap into your business potential!

You’ll have all the accountability & support you’ll need to get to the next level. ​

Pricing Details

  • 1:1 programs starting at $10, 800 

  • 3-hour Strategic Breakthrough Session starting at $2500 for an intensive workshop that will leave you with a clear understanding of goals, challenges, solutions, and an actionable plan for achieving desired outcomes.

  • Group Program - We are launching a group advisory pilot program soon at a significantly reduced price to refine the process. 


THINK YOU MAY BE INTERESTED? CLICK BELOW TO INQUIRE.  We will respond within 24 business hours. 


Working Together
Book Shelf

Speech &Writing Services

Are you ready to tell your story or share your expertise? Join Shara Hutchinson, TEDx speaker, author, and founder for one on one support, including done-for-you content that will prepare you to publish your book or deliver a powerful motivational speech. Shara will help you:

  • Identify your main idea and key points

  • Organize your thoughts into a logical sequence

  • Choose a powerful opening and closing thought

  • Ghostwrite your book or speech 

  • Coach you through the process


Customized Keynote Speech & Delivery Coaching 

  • Keynote Mastery Package -  $4,500 

  • This service provides customized 20-30 minute keynote speech writing and delivery coaching to help individuals become confident and effective public speakers. It includes a brainstorming session and four refinement/coaching sessions to ensure the speech is impactful and tailored to the audience and discuss your next steps. We also have a 30-min wrap-up session.

  • Note: Keynote speech writing is available without coaching upon request. 

Write Your Book Without Lifting a Pen

Are you a busy entrepreneur, executive, or thought leader who wants to write a book, but don't have the time or writing skills to do so? Our ghostwriting package is designed to take the stress out of book writing and get your message out to the world.

  • Priced Per Word -  $2,500 per 5000 words + $250 per session

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your project. 

Want to know a fun fact? ​  Shara has written for CEOs. celebrities, and awesome people who have a story to tell! Feel free to read her reviews by clicking below. 


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